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Year-round available

The Netherlands is the only country in the world that can offer such a wide variety of onions all year round.

Quality and firmness are distinctive characteristics of Dutch onions, enabling year-round availability. Dutch onions have a naturally high dry matter content. Technologically advanced storage and transport systems associated with the fast-moving world contribute to efficient delivery of the healthy and tasty onions to their destination.

 Storage enhances export quality

Excellent storage conditions and efficient logistics guarantee the high quality of the fresh produce and enable the market to be served throughout the year. Harvested onions are professionally dried in a storage facility with the aid of warm air. Onions are kept in specially ventilated barns that are maintained at exactly the right temperature and humidity. The outer skins are dried completely and serve to protect the onion during storage and transport. After a good growing period and high quality storage, Dutch onions can be kept for a long time and can be transported across the globe. The vigorous onions from the Netherlands can withstand a shock and are thus well able to survive long transport.


Furthermore, Dutch sea ports are optimally equipped to deal with large volumes while maintaining high standards for storage and transport. Thanks to the close vicinity of the world ports Rotterdam and Antwerp, the fresh produce reaches it destinations in the shortest possible time. Dutch traders not only offer onions from the Netherlands, but also from various other countries. 

Worldwide export

About one third of the total export is destined for countries within the European Union. Loyal European customers include Germany, the United Kingdom and France. On average, two thirds of the total onion exports are supplied to customers in Russia, Africa, Asia and Central and South America. Active cooperation within the chain in the field of knowledge development and innovation further contribute to a confident view of the future of the Dutch onion.

Excellent supply chain

Dutch growers place high demands in terms of appearance, firmness, colour, size and food safety. It goes without saying that onions from the Netherlands conform to all national and international quality requirements and regulations in terms of food safety, hygiene and the environment. Independent inspection services check onions at various stages. For many centuries, the expertise of growing and trading was passed on from father to son. The result is today’s high trading standards; reliable, quick and accurately.

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