Meer over onion, the...


onion, the healthy tastemaker

The onion is the tastemaker of the Dutch agricultural sector: when it comes to onions Holland plays a leading role in the international market. As one of the biggest onion producers in Europe some 1 million tonnes of onions are exported every year worldwide. This makes the Dutch onions the international market leader.

The main reason for the succes are the Dutch themselves

The fertile Dutch soil and a favourable climate for cultivating onions are important factors. As well as the excellent logistic and transport systems. However, the main reason for their success are the Dutch themselves: the growers, seed producers, traders and industrial entrepreneurs who have raised the industry to a professional level unparalleled in the world today.

Dutch onions have a firm skin and an attractive and even colour

The Dutch growers offer onions with a firm skin and an attractive and even colour, carefully sorted for size uniformity. Their products meet and often exceed international requirements and regulations regarding food safety, hygiene and the environment. Independent inspection services check the onions at various stages. Reliable storage procedures allow the quality to be preserved. Kept in temperature controlled warehouses the onions are fit to travel long distances.

Dutch traders supply all year round!

Sea ports like Rotterdam and Antwerpen contribute to the professional level of the in dustry by also offering high standards for storage and transportation. They allow Holland to play a key role in the worldwide export and import of onions, making it possible for Dutch traders to supply all year round!


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